Dynamic Technology Lab 2018 -2019 Recruitment


Company Description

Dynamic Technology Lab Pte Ltd ("DTL") is a quantitative fund management company established in Singapore and engages in global equity trading. As a Licensed Fund Management Company under Monetary Authority of Singapore, DTL has embraced an active expansion of AuM and provided a steady track record of returns for investors along the years. DTL has a significant presence in the global market by trading over 600 Million USD daily in the world's major exchanges.

  1. Job Opening
  2. Quantitative Researcher (کارشناس پژوهشگر کمی داده های بازار سرمایه)

    The quantitative researchers design and backtest trading models, which form the most important elements in the final trading strategies. They work in groups or independently, depending on the projects and/or the researchers' preference. Creativity and innovation are what we are looking for in this position.


    1. Recent Master/PhD from a science, engineering, or related field. Bachelors with exceptional performance will also be considered;
    2. Solid background in mathematics;
    3. Strong programming skills;
    4. Strong problem solving and quantitative skills;
    5. Possess the desire and will to learn complicated topics, to solve difficult problems, and to handle tedious tasks carefully;

    The following skills are bonus in recruitment and are required before on board:

    1. Comfortable with Linux/Unix;
    2. Familiar with at least one scripting language, e.g. python, awk, etc.;

    Front Desk Quantitative Developer (برنامه نویس کنترل کمی داده های بازار سرمایه)

    The front desk quant developers maintain our trading/research capabilities in global markets and innovate how we do them.

    Typical responsibilities include:

    1. Optimizing the performance of various components of the trading system;
    2. Maintaining, enhancing backtest simulator;
    3. Exploring big-data infrastructure for research;
    4. Execution algorithms research;
    5. High frequency strategy research;


    1. Expert programming skills in some well-known language, along with knowledge on computer system, e.g. networking, threading, etc.;
    2. Ability to write sizable applications and manage complexity;
    3. Effective communicator and decision maker;
    4. Linux experience;

    The following skills are bonus:

    1. Familiar with Linux kernel;
    2. Experience with hardware development, e.g. NIC, video card etc.;
    3. System administration experience;


  3. Working Location
  4. Singapore
    Candidates should be eligible and ready to travel to Singapore and be able to stay in the country for a long time.


  5. How to apply
  6. Please send your up-to-date resume to info@hamijobs.com, indicating DTL and the position you apply for.



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